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What do I need to provide in order to have InfoFlo installed for me?

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Hardware Information

Server Hardware

  • Operating System (32-bit or 64bit).
  • Processor Speed and Type (32-bit or 64bit).
  • Total amount of RAM.
  • Free Hard Disk space

Server Software

  • AntiVirus Software (if any).
  • Firewall Software (if any).

Client Hardware

  • For each computer, same as above.

Network Information

Internet/Network Connection

  • Upload/Uplink Speed to the Internet.
  • Download/Downlink Speed to the Internet.
  • Upload/Uplink Speed from Client to Server.
  • Download/Downlink Speed from Client to Server.

Router / Network Settings

  • Router IP Address
  • Router Password

Dynamic DNS Setup

  • Paid DynDNS account.
  • Email/Username and Password for DynDNS account.