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How to fully remove an old trial or paid license of InfoFlo

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The following article will provide instructions for fully removing an old trial version including all data based backups which might reside on the local disk.

  1. Uninstall existing InfoFlo software (client and server components) using Windows Programs and Features tool. These can be found under Contro Panel -> Programs and Features. Make sure to uninstall 2 items, both client and server.
  2. Delete all existing files: Click on my computer, in browser on top type c:\program files(x86)\Carmel Vision. This will go to the install path of InfoFlo. Select all files and directories under Carmel Vision and hit delete
  3. Delete all database backups: Click on my computer, in browser bar on top type %appdata%. Delete all files with name starting with ‘InfoFlo’
  4. Install new InfoFlo software. Download the software here