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How do I obtain my log files?

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The following are the default locations for the log files. Please replace “C:\Documents and Settings\COMPUTER_NAME\Application Data” with %APPDATA% to obtain the location to your actual files.

Client Log

  • The client log can be found at: %APPDATA%\Virtual Filing Cabinet\logs\WinApp.YYYYMMDD.log
  • “C:\Documents and Settings\{COMPUTER_NAME}\Application Data” and “C:\Users\{USER_NAME}\AppData\Roaming” are two common directories where %APPDATA% is pointed to.

Server Log

  • From the server computer, the default file location of the server log is: C:\Program Files\Carmel Vision\InfoFlo Server\Logs\ServerApp.log Please replace “C:\Program Files\Carmel Vision\” with the path to your InfoFlo installation if installed in another directory.

Outlook Sync Log

  • The Outlook Sync log can be opened by clicking the status bar to the bottom right of the InfoFlo client to the left of “Login user:”.