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How do I import tasks from Outlook?

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  1. Click 'Tools' -> Select 'Import'
  2. Select 'Tasks' from the 'Select what entities to import' dropdown menu.
  3. Click 'MS Outlook' from the ‘Select source to import from:’ radio buttons.
  4. Click the 'Browse...' button to the top right of the Import Wizard window.
  5. You will now be asked to choose the Task folder you would like to import. (In this example, we will check off 'Tasks' from 'Personal Folders'.)
  6. Select the 'Imported Field' from the left panel -> Select the 'InfoFlo Name' for the imported field on the right panel -> Click 'Map >>' to link the two fields.
  7. Click 'Import' at the bottom of the Import Wizard window to begin the import.