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How do I create a New Task?

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  1. Click 'Contacts' from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the contact you would like to create a new task for.
  3. Click the 'New Task' button from the main ribbon toolbar.
  4. When the new task window opens, enter the 'Subject' of the task.
  5. Enter a 'Description' for the task.
  6. Select a 'Start Date' and 'Due Date' for the task.
  7. Select the 'Priority' of the task.
  8. Select the 'Status' of the task.
  9. Enter the '% Complete' of the task.
  10. Select the 'Type' of task.
  11. Check 'Email Reminder' if applicable and select to have an email reminder sent to you.
  12. This is what the new task window may look like after some of the fields are filled in.
  13. Click ‘Attach File’ to attach a file to the task.
  14. You can also link the task to a project using the 'Link to Project' drop-down.
  15. To learn how to assign a user to a task, please take a look at How do I assign a user to a Task? to learn more about the Advanced Task Add-on.
  16. To learn how to view tasks, please visit How do I view tasks?.
  17. Please visit How do I Create a New Task? (Video) to view a video demonstration of this procedure.