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How do I Add Multiple Contacts to a Category? (video)

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  1. Select Contacts from the side menu.
  2. Open up your categories panel from the Relations Dropdown if it isn’t open already.
  3. Hold CTRL and select however many contacts you would like to add to a category.
  4. Once you’ve selected all the contacts, right click on any one of them.
  5. Click the Copy Contacts button
  6. Select any one of the non-highlighted contacts, so that the category panel on the right becomes active again.
  7. Select the category you wish to add multiple contacts to and right click.
  8. If you have categories in the right-hand menu, select the one you want and you can copy and paste there.
  9. Or you can click Categories from the left tabbed menu. Right click the category you want to add the contact to. Click the Paste x: ‘Contacts’ button.
  10. Select the Do this for the next x items check box to confirm the action for the remaining items.
  11. Click the Yes button