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Blocked InfoFlo Port

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If the default InfoFlo ports are blocked please follow the steps below:

1) Go the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Carmel Vision\InfoFlo Server and open personal.service.exe XML file inside notepad

2) Search for key=”AutoConfigServerPort” value=”false”

3) Change to “True” notepadkey=”AutoConfigServerPort” value=”True”

4) Restart the InfoFlo service. Open services.msc and restart the InfoFlo service.

5) After 2-3 mins open the INfoFlo server Config page

6) Under Server Management click “Server Overview” and you will see the new port configured. You can change them if you wish but make sure they are not being used by another software

7) Then make sure the client is pointing to the new TCP and HTTP port that you configured from our default 8082 and 8443